Friday, August 3, 2018

Fox News and the World

Fox News, which is the main media arm of Republican Party in USA, is deceiving American people about Global Warming and its consequences. It is feeding them false stories and facts and keeping them in dark about what will happen if the world didn't take solid actions against Global Warming.

Republican Party will lose majority of its voters if the Fox News disappears today. It will no longer be able to attract the large rural population with least education.

Fox News was the main driving force behind pulling USA out of Paris accord. Since USA and NASA are the major scientific contributors for our knowledge about Global Warming, its causes, and its consequences, this presents the biggest hurdle in facing the challenge.

Americans are rich, and they are one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases per capita in the world, this might accelerate the greenhouse gas emissions and speed up the Global Warming. This also makes it very hard for the world to face the challenge of the Global Warming.

As long as the Fox News is dictating American politics, every measure the world takes on fixing the Global Warming will most likely to fail.